Congratulations to the new Board members, elected at the 2014 Spring Conference:  Governor Butsy McElroy (OK, she didn’t get elected then, but I wanted to include her), Governor-Elect Tammy Klotzbach, Region Secretary Paula Austin, Region Treasurer Carol Lundrigan.  District 1 Director Marie D’Amato-Rizzi and Secretary Toni Aiello, District 2 Director Peggy Gentile-VanMeter and Secretary Jocelyn Valentine, District 3 Director Claudia Stemler and Secretary Phyllis Sampson.  District 4 Director Betty Walters and Secretary Diane Savidge.  They don’t officially start their terms until July 1st (and at the end of the SIA Convention for Governor), so you won’t see their information here until then.

Board of Directors

Tammy Klotzbach
Butsy McElroy
Paula Austin
Paula Austin
NAR Secretary
Claudia Stemler
Tammy Klotzbach

Carol Lundrigan
NAR Treasurer

District Directors

Marie D'Amato-Rizzi
District I Director
Peggy Gentile VanMeter
Peggy Gentile Van Meter
District 2 Director

Claudia Stemler
District 3 Director
Betty Walters
Betty Walters
District 4 Director

Other Resources

(see also the District page for district resources)

Award Chairs

Programs Chair
Meada McAllister
Women's Opportunity Award Chair
Kathy McCormick
Violet Richardson Award Chair
Mary Oliver
Ruby Award Chair
Andrea Giardina

Additional Renaissance Chairs

Membership Chair
Mimi Clavir
Fundraising Chair
Margo Hunt & Debbie Schiesser
Public Awareness Chair
Mary Huber

Additional Region Chairs

Darlene Steele
Finance Chair
Cheryl L. Ford
Peace Garden Manager
Ellen Catalano
Laws & Resolution Chair
Diane Thompson
Lori Hogan
NAR eBulletin Editor
Cindy Breen
Nominating Chair