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2018-2020 Board

2018-2020 Board

Important Documents

Live Your Dream Application


Spring Conference 2018

Call list

  1. Welcome Letter
  2. Tentative Agenda
  3. Registration Form
  4. Slate of Officers
  5. Donations Flyer
  6. Bus Tour form
  7. Remembrance Form
  8. Sales Space Form
  9. Unsung Hero Form
  10. Toot Your Own Horn
  11. Basket Raffle Flyer
  12. Friday Dinner Flyer
  13. SC 2019 Flyer
  14. Diane Weller/Keynote
  15. Flyer Beach House
  16. Credentials Report
  17. Evaluation
  18. Keynote & Presenters


2017 Fall District Meetings

2017 District I & II MeetingSI Cumberland CountyOctober 27th & 28th, 2017
2017 District III & IVSI Montour, Danville, PANovember 3rd & 4th, 2017

Fall District Meetings District 1/2

Fall District Meetings District 3/4

Region Bulletin

Big Goal Survey

Dear Soroptimist Leaders,

Ever since we met together in July, we have been asking for your support to encourage clubs to participate in our next Big Goal exercise and survey. We have explained how important it is for us to hear from each and every one of our clubs as we continue planning for our next century. It is critical that we build these plans as a team so we all have a say in what we do and how we do it.

In mid-November, only 11 percent of our clubs had participated. With our first Big Goal Survey in 2015-2016, twice as many clubs had participated by this time. We know that many clubs may have participated in the exercise and not yet submitted their survey responses. We also know that the majority of our response last year came in the last four weeks. However, we also have to be vigilant in our efforts to encourage participation.

We are hoping that the success of our first big goal exercise and survey would propel even greater success for this second exercise and survey. And we are not giving up on surpassing our 48 percent participation in the first exercise. We are readying our last reminder blast email to club presidents which will go out in early December. We are also posting reminders in the Soroptimist Summary and on SIA’s Facebook page.

But we know we cannot reach those numbers without your support. Please contact your club presidents and encourage them to participate. Engage in a conversation in case there is a reason they are not participating. Post on your region’s Facebook page. Put an advertisement on your website. Come up with new creative and compelling strategies. Together, we can build a strong, stable and successful Soroptimist future!

If you hear any concerns or from clubs that need additional information or support, please contact Senior Director of Programs Lori at SIAHQ at

RoseMary Reid
President, Soroptimist International of the Americas

“By working together, we can and will make more dreams come true for more women and girls.”

P.S. I would be remiss not to congratulate and thank Korea region for their outstanding response rate. They currently have 90 percent club participation. Are there any other countries that think they can reach that response rate? I encourage you to try!

The State of Women’s Rights in NAR States

2017 Spring Conference

2013 Spring Conference

Marie Kennedy’s Key Note Address

Donna Butchko’s Workshop

SI Suburban Essex Club Banner
Does your club want to get a cool Soroptimist banner, like SI of Suburban Essex has?
Just send an email to Paul at
and mention that SISE told you about them. Paul will be happy to give you the price to get your club name on the banner. See a close up of the banner by clicking on the link below.

Save the Date: “Engaging the Survivor Community in Advocacy, Healing, and Criminal Justice”

A Symposium led by survivors, March 9-10. Download the flyer.


A new sign for SI Seaford, District II:

Staten Island Membership Award

Governor Tammy and Governor-Elect Peggy
at the Governor/Governor-elect round table held in Toronto


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Big Thank you to Diane Thompson for her generosity.  NAR is excited to have several new members in the Laurel Society as well as many members who have risen to the next level.


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