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Governor’s Message

Happy Fall Everyone!

We had two perfect Fall District Meetings! Thank you to SIA Rancocas Valley and SIA Fayette County for being the host with the most! The Friday evening events were well planned. The Peace Garden is a place of serenity and is beautiful. The Canteen evening reminded us of days gone by and that we owe so much to those who have protected our freedoms! Be sure to view all the photos under FDM 2019 on the photos page. Thank you to all the planners and the presenters. I especially want to thank each member who took the time to attend.

We now have nine new monthly giving members for Laurel Society. Our new Fundraising chair, Barbara Andre-Maxwell is doing her best to spread the word about Laurel Society. We hope that each club will try to get one more Laurel Society monthly giving member before the end December.

Club delegates have a lot of information to share at your meeting. Most important is the new e-balloting system that will begin with the new year.

The merger with NER is progressing in a very positive way. Below is the summary that I gave at both FDM’s.

Please post your events and upcoming activities on Face Book so we can share on the NAR Face Book page.

Nominations are being accepted for the 2020-2022 NAR Board. Please think about the member that has leadership qualities that would be an asset for the region. Nominations forms are on the documents page and Chair Stephanie Shoemaker needs these nominations by December 15th. It is going to be a very exciting time for NAR as we add a district 5 and grow our membership!

Check out the upcoming events page so you can mark your calendars for Spring Conference and SIA Convention.

Please remember the importance of Club Giving and Member Giving with the upcoming SI President’s Appeal. The purchase of the “Road to Equality” pin is a great way to support Soroptimist.

As this is the beginning of the giving season, I encourage you to help those less fortunate as the weather becomes so much colder. Homeless shelters are in need of items as well as your local food banks. Many places of worship and schools collect gloves, scarves, hats and coats. Perhaps you might consider buying a Thanksgiving dinner for a family in your area. A few hours “Ringing the Bell” for the Salvation Army is very rewarding.

The North Atlantic Board wishes everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Governor Peggy



Important Documents

Update on Merger
November 2019

It’s been a very active, very informative, very enlightening time since spring Conference. Many issues have been cleared up in a very positive way.

Iesha, our task facilitator for HQ’s is recommending to the SIA board that the name: North Atlantic Region be kept. She knows and the NER understands it is very important to our members to keep the name. The NER members on the task committee have been supportive with keeping the name and welcome being a part of our region. Side Note: HQ’s still has final vote on this, Iesha said there is something in SIA policy that gives SIA the right to decide on a name. I did request to see this policy. Diane and I are reviewing. But for now, let us continue to hope that the name North Atlantic Region will be the title that we are all very proud of.

The new title for our Governor-elect, will be Administrative Officer. Please note that technically the two Administrative Officers will be the nominees for the Governor position to be on the ballot for the term: 2022-2024, which by then the two regions will be merged. (yes.. all positions will be open) with a district 5 added.

The transitional bylaws are being worked on very diligently. Governorelect Diane and I reviewed and suggested items along with what the NER has presented. The NAR board also had the opportunity to review. On Wednesday October 23, we had a phone conversation with the task committee to go over each line of the transitional bylaws. Iesha is aware as is HQ’s that these bylaws must be sent to Laws and Resolutions Chair, Deb Cook by November 15th. We are following our bylaws, so the transitional ones will go out with the call in February, once approved by Deb Cook and vice-chairs.

There are some questions that still need answering. We are going to proceed with motions/questions at spring conference. The board truly wants to present as a unified board, and hopes that the membership will approve our recommendations. We will suggest that motions/ideas from the membership be sent to me by Mid-March which I will forward to the board as well as Deb Cook, and Iesha who will send to the parliamentarian on the SIA board.

As with any change, we know it can be difficult, but we hope that the membership understands the challenge in this merger but also the very very positive effects this can have.

We hope you will continue this discussion with your clubs. As always we welcome your input. Discuss details with your clubs, and share this message. We have done as much as we can to keep the details transparent at our region meetings.

We can only hope that because of all the time, effort, suggestions, recommendations, compromises and discussions, that the SIA Board will approve all our hard work. Our Region and this merger is going to be the “Role Model” for future mergers of other regions. So again and again, the North Atlantic Region is in the forefront of creativity, for our Federation.

So, stay tuned for the next episode of “Let’s Have a Merger”!


Governor Peggy

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