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We are a global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

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Governor’s Message

I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer months! Doesn’t seem possible that students are already returning to their classrooms. Let us all hope that each and every student is safe during the school year!

Our 2019 Leadership Seminar was a great success. We covered a lot of information and I hope those in attendance will share their “lessons” with their clubs. For the first time, we had a presentation about working moms and leadership. This was a big hit, with a wonderful message about how clubs can support and encourage working moms. A big thank you to Brianna Apfelbaum (SIA SUN) and Annmarie Levy (SIA CJC), both are first year members in their clubs.

At this time, dues and the 200 form should have been sent to Treasurer Karen.

As fall approaches, so does our annual Fall District Meeting. Dates and places are on the flyer above. I encourage you to send as many members as possible to FDM. This is a great way to introduce new members to the mission of Soroptimist. The agenda and materials will be sent by the second week of September. Treasurer Karen and Governor-elect Diane enjoyed a very fun time at SI Convention in Kuala Lumpur and will share their travels with us.

The board has chosen a project this year, chaired by District III Director Patti, entitled Support the Girls (End Period Poverty). Flyers are below, and we will begin collecting items at Fall District meeting through Spring Conference. This may be something that your clubs would like to begin collecting items for.

Please get the information out for the Live Your Dream Award. The SIA portal is open, and MUST be used to apply. I would like to challenge each club to have at least one recipient. It is very important that one or two members of each club are assigned to check your club email on a regular basis. All voting for SIA will be by electronic voting only! To ensure that your club email is correct we will be doing a “test” email before FDM’s. Each club has an SIA email address.

As we continue to update our website it is also important to have the correct club website addresses. We want to have each club with a website to have a link directly from the NAR website. Please have the member who does your website updates send the correct link to your District Secretary. We want these links set up by mid October.

Please take the time to scroll though and see announcements and events that are coming up. Again, all flyers must be sent to your Directors before the 10th of each month so that we can compile and have posted on the NAR website.

As a new year begins for your club, please begin keeping a log of everything your club is doing and begin a draft for the Governor’s Cup. Also this list can be a perfect reference for you to use to in order to fill out your Celebrating Success Awards application which is due next July 1st. The Peace Begins at Home Grant is due by December 31st.

I encourage each member to “like” and “follow” the NAR Face Book page. There are so many wonderful things that our clubs are doing and are sharing on Face Book.

As always I do appreciate the support and all that each member does for our region. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

I look forward to seeing many of you at Fall District Meeting!

Governor Peggy



Important Documents

Update on Merger
August 2019

I want to take a few minutes to inform those in attendance where we are at this time with the merger of the NAR and NER.

First, thank you to all the members and individual clubs that took the time to ask questions and send comments as requested at spring conference. Your emails were compiled and submitted to the task force. We are still waiting on some questions to be answered and once they are we will submit a written report to the membership.

In June, after the governor’s roundtable, the committee met to discuss restructuring and put together ideas for a new set of transitional bylaws that will hopefully be sent to our laws and resolutions chair, Deb Cook by the  November deadline. If all goes as planned these transitional bylaws will be sent to the members in the Call to Spring Conference in early February. These of course will need to be approved at our Spring Conference.

At this time, we do not know what name the merged regions will have. This is to be decided and voted on by the SIA Board of directors. The SIA Board is reviewing the suggested transitional bylaws and reviewing the financial structure of how to combine the two regions.

For the immediate future, through July 1, 2020 we are conducting business as usual for the North Atlantic Region and following our bylaws. Our bylaws require that our nominations chair, Stephanie Shoemaker, prepare a notice of upcoming elections for 2020-2022 North Atlantic Board. This call for nominations will be made at each Fall District Meeting and a written notice will be sent to each club which should be sent to all members. The following positions are open to ALL members:

Administrative Executive/Assistant, (what we knowas governor-elect of our region), Board Secretary, Board Treasurer, all four District Directors, and all four District Secretaries. I encourage each one of you to consider moving up to a region position. As agreed upon by the task force, there will not be an election for Governor, GE Diane will assume the position of governor. These positions will each be for a two year term, 2020-2022.

During the term of 2020 thru 2022 these elected positions will work as one board with the copositions that the NER will elect. Future Board meetings for 2020-2022 will include co-Administrative Executive/Assistants (formally governor-elect), co-Treasurers, and co-Secretaries. The ten clubs in the NER will become the fifth district of the new region. In November 2021 the nominations committee will once again open nominations for all positions which will include a new governor of the new region and one governor elect for 2022-2024.

The North Atlantic Region and Northeastern Region will still have their own Spring Conference for 2020. Leadership 2020 will be combined with the NER. One of the 2020 Fall district meetings will include the NER ’s ten clubs, (combined districts to be determined) which will start their transition as the 5th district in our new region.

2020-2022 will be the transition term of the NAR and NER in order to form a well run, healthy region. This is a work in progress. Something as important as this takes a lot of preparation and a lot of discussion. As promised, we are being transparent with details and keeping an open dialog with our members. I hope to have more information to present at our Fall District Meetings. Thank you for your continued support and as always I welcome your comments and questions, do not hesitate to email me. Thank you!


Purlie Victorious


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